Crip Camp Follow Up

We had a great conversation last night with Crip Camp directors Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht. If you missed it, you can view the recording here!

During the conversation, Jim and Nicole suggested several other resources that might interest you:

  • YouTube shorts moderated by Judy Heumann, a longtime leader in the disability rights movement who is also featured in Crip Camp. Jim referred to “The Heumann Experience”, I think he many have meant The Heumann Perspective.
  • Jason DaSilva’s documentary films, When I Walk and When We Walk, about DaSilva’s son’s battle with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, and the struggle that so many disabled people face with our health care system.
  • Denise Sherer Jacobsen’s book, The Question of David: A Disabled Mother’s Journey Through Adoption, Family and Life

You might also want to check out other documentaries related to disability rights that have been shown in our Series: