Following up on Waging Change

See the film: Waging Change:

  • If you missed registering for the conversation with Saru Jayaraman and Abby Ginzberg, you can still see the film through 10/19 here: (password: WACHAN_ADFS)
  • Watch the taped ADFS conversation with Saru and Abby here.
  • If you miss the 10/19 cutoff, the UNAFF Film Festival will be screening Waging Change on October 25, 2020.
  • To donate to creating a post-pandemic segment for Waging Change, go to:
  • To sign up for Waging Change newsletter, go to:

To help tipped workers hurt by Covid 19:

  • Make a contribution at The money goes for relief, but ALSO to help engage restaurant workers to VOTE for candidates in favor of One Fair Wage.
  • In California, Vote No on Pro 22, which attempts to treat gig workers the way that tipped workers have been treated for so long.
  • Check out what tipped workers are doing to organize and apply pressure for more effective legislation at Fight Don’t Starve
  • See what California restaurants that are paying their workers a living wage are doing at High Road Kitchens

Learn more about Tipped Workers and organizations that represent them: