Sundance Audience Favorite Science Fair coming September 12 & 29!

Science Fair melts your heart almost as soon as it begins.”

“Utterly winning. Like Hoop Dreams for test tubes and genomes.” — Entertainment Weekly

The International Science and Engineering Fair draws more than 1,500 high schoolers from over 70 countries to compete with everything from proposed engineering feats, to computer projects and ideas to cure cancer. The documentary — by turns hilarious, heartbreaking and exciting —  follows hopefuls including quirky nerds, semi-popular kids and slick presenters with practiced elevator pitches, on their journey to the competition. 

These are some of the most brilliant young minds in the world, and their personalities turn out to be as big as their minds. These kids are picking up the mantle of science at a time when there’s a feeling that our country is turning its back on science. State budgets for science fairs are being slashed, meaning an important platform for fostering these kids’ interest in and enthusiasm for science might disappear, and with it the innovation and intelligence capital the future of our country needs. 

But the film’s beautiful, beating heart is these kids. Co-director Cristina Constantini, herself a former ISEF competitor, says, “I was weeping,” while shooting the film. And so will you.

Science Fair is a celebration of intellect and kids who want to improve the world. Turns out science is pretty cool, after all.”

Piedmont: THURS 9/12/19
Ellen Driscoll Playhouse
325 Highland Avenue
6:30 pm Reception
7-9 pm Screening & Discussion

Oakland: SUNDAY 9/29/19
New Parkway Theater
474 24th Street
12:30pm Screening & Discussion
Food available for purchase